Y53 Series


High efficiency, energy saving and environmentally friendly


integrated design


More realistic display

Less heat

New technology in heat distribution

Longer life for greater cost-effectiveness

Long product life and 100m2 screen display can save more than 7,100 USD per 5 years

Energy efficiency to conserve electrical energy

With the best technologies to conserve electrical energy
Cathode technology + voltage division chips + high efficiency power supply + high efficiency LED display methods

A 200 square meter screen can save up to 88,200 kWh per year equivalent to reducing 90 tons of CO2 emissions or planting 2,472 square meters of stone leaf forest

Seamless design with slimmer cabinet

Ultra-compact 2-in-1 panel design and simple all-in-one power box design for a thinner and lighter cabinet case IP65 rating on front and back allows the monitor to easily handle any harsh environment

68 mm thick | Weight 20.5 kg

Cool when facing the heat

Innovative cabinet structure design coupled with high efficiency and energy saving technology leads to fast heat dissipation
Stay cool even when playing HD visuals in harsh conditions