Integrated design for the best audiovisual experience

A high-quality built-in sound system prepared by a group of professional sound engineers and an upgraded acoustic analytical algorithm provides the audience with immersive enjoyment in all respects.

Professional sound level | Frequency response 20-180 Hz | 2 * 30W | 90 dB

Stylish and beautiful appearance

The fabric cover design of the device and the build quality along with the operating system allow it to be compatible with the multiple uses that you are looking for

cloth cover | Sound purity and dust resistance | Adaptive brightness | type c port

High performance quality, effective, and easy to use

Practical and efficient performance with mobile control feature to make interaction more efficient

Built-in meeting software | Self-developed apps | Screen control via mobile devices

High resolution display, supports multiple windows

The finest details are visible to you with the high-resolution display, and the integrated video processing function supports multi-window viewing and switching between them

4k@60Hz | High fidelity under low brightness | Multiple windows