About Us

About Us


Ghain was established in the early nineties in the field of printing and advertising, and obtained a permit from the Ministry of Information. It was one of the first printing presses in Saudi Arabia to provide marketing and publishing services to its customers.


Ghain expanded in the field of publications, advertising, and advertising until it became an integrated factory in providing products that serve its customers in marketing and advertising solutions.


The field of e-marketing has expanded with the increasing number of Internet users and increasing reliance on it, as Ghain has specialized to be a leader in the field of marketing and promotional activities via the Internet


Ghain has allied with electronic screens manufacturers to provide selling, renting, display screens, and maintenance to give our clients more options

Our message

Our vision

To be a leading company that provides online marketing strategies, advertising and digital display products (screens) to keep pace with all modern technologies and innovations.

Helping brands and companies achieve success by providing appropriate marketing solutions and displays by implementing effective and innovative solutions

Our Values


We will continuously provide products and services with the best price and high quality to our customers


We work hard to win the trust of customers by focusing on their needs and providing perfect services that suit the customer


We are highly committed to developing innovative solutions for our clients and working towards achieving those goals


We are transparent, ethical and completely honest while dealing with customers and companies