H19 Series

Pre-assembled cabinet, integrated design

Pre-assembled cabinet components require no further assembly. Accessories are shipped from factory with guaranteed quality

Pre-Assembled Cabinet | High Efficiency Wire | 8:9 locker

Intelligent power supply, high efficiency and energy saving

The intelligent power supply adaptively adjusts the output power of the module and dynamically keeps the output power voltage stable at the saturation voltage value, which better reduces power consumption and saves 16%~27% energy compared to conventional products.
Stable Power Voltage | Dynamic Voltage Regulation | Automatic adjustment

Integrated, stable and reliable

The power supply, receiving card and hub board are all integrated into the same PCB without complicated wiring, ensuring stable performance and easy maintenance.

Easy maintenance | Stable performance | Less wire loss

Slim and lightweight cabinet, simple installation

The cabinet is made using polymer with stable dimensions, high strength, and high temperature resistant performance

Polymer Layers | 1.4 kg gross weight | high strength | V-0 fire rating

Bright colors, for visual pleasure

3840 higher refresh rate, high gray scale under low brightness restore vivid color and create a better visual experience