Intel 10th generation processor

Al noise reduction

48 MP camera

ΔE ≤ 2 professional color accuracy

NTSC 90% color gamut

Automatic speaker framing

The sound capture range is up to 8 meters

Anti-bacterial design

The comprehensive solution, with minimal settings

A complete, seamless design that meets every meeting requirement, including a built-in camera, microphone, and touchpad. Whether it's video teleconferencing or an internal business meeting

Get to know all the details with Ultra-HD

Experience 1.07 billion colors in exquisite detail with a high color gamut and 4K Ultra HD display that promises professional-grade picture quality.
Zero bonding technology effectively reduces air refraction and parallax to improve optical clarity.

Virtual video conferencing

Enjoy video conferencing at the highest levels with a wide field of view and amplified, crystal-clear audio. Thanks to automatic framing, the MAXHUBE series automatically adapts to the number and location of meeting participants

Using speaker tracking technology, 8 microphones locate the sound source in real time, ensuring that the speaker is always the center of attention.

With auto-framing, the screen automatically adjusts to achieve the best angle based on the number and location of the participants, so it feels like a face-to-face interaction.

The newly upgraded 48MP camera ensures clear details during multi-participant video conferencing, while the 92° HFOV ultra wide angle lens expands the field of view to achieve a panoramic perspective. WDR Dynamic Anti-Backlight technology maintains optimal light contrast, maintaining image clarity even under harsh lighting conditions.

Exceptional sound clarity

The microphone supports 8m wide 180-degree voice pickup, while AI noise reduction technology improves human voice and filters out interference. Engineered with powerful speakers, they ensure exceptional sound clarity.

8 microphones of different dimensions | 2.1 channels of audio | 2 * 10W + 20W Subwoofers

Easy screen sharing

Dual Wi-Fi hotspot supports screen sharing and Wi-Fi connection at the same time.
With lower image latency, you will enjoy a faster and more stable connection and great screen sharing experience.

Perfectly sync with your devices

The front-facing Type-C design allows you to cast from and control your devices via the touchscreen, and you can also use the camera, microphone, and speakers directly from your laptop.

A 1.8m Type-C cable is included in the package for wired screen sharing

There is no need to rely on virtual meeting platforms to share your screen. MAXHUB monitor supports multiple screen sharing methods, including built-in MAXHUB Share, Miracast, AirPlay and Chromecast. Stream to your screen quickly and wirelessly from any PC or mobile device.

With MAXHUB Share, you can wirelessly share screen to up to 4 devices simultaneously. MAXHUB Low Latency preserves 4K resolution, preserving fine details to improve the visual experience.

The MAXHUB monitor allows a great deal of flexibility during presentations, turning pages, annotating directly on the touch screen and managing the board from your own device while seated.

An activity that inspires you in your brainstorming

Start your whiteboard with one click and indulge in effective and creative brainstorming. Equipped with 20 touch sensor points, the device supports two people typing simultaneously and comes with a variety of pre-installed graphic templates

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology allows you to easily convert handwritten text into printable input text.
Recording your meetings is more efficient than ever before Scan the code and deliver all meeting minutes, including annotations, to your mailbox - with just one click.

Prioritizing Healthcare

An antibacterial glass, stylus, and antibacterial power button keep you safe