H31 Series

Safe and reliable integrated design

The 3-in-1 integrated pivot plate design enables a lightweight cabinet body as well as low EMI
Slim appearance with black metal frame to match various environments

3 in 1 Design | Total thickness 31mm | 6.2 kg / per cabinet

Dynamic energy saving technology, for worry-free operation

- Built-in dynamic power saving technology and PWM gray scale control reduce useless power consumption, achieve high gray scale level under low brightness
- Implementing innovative existing gray compensation technology to eliminate under-width of gray scale and color deviation across units
- Open circuit detection and protection function provides real-time monitoring, providing double protection for screen operation

Low power consumption | Low screen temperature | Quiet operation Real-time monitoring

A self-developed and easy-to-use operating system

Supports wireless screen sharing and remote control without the need for an additional video processor

Built-in Android System | Wireless Screen Sharing | remote control | Multi-window screen

Suitable for wall mounting

Wall mounting does not require electric welding or additional steel structure, allowing you to save time and effort
The ability to access all parts of the screen from the front without the need to create a path for maintenance in the wall, which saves you the space inside

Full Frontal Access | Solid Connection | switch speed