H27 Series

Integrated design, safe and reliable

Power supply, receiving card and hub board are integrated on the same PCB without wiring, ensuring stable performance in compliance with RoHS and EMC certification standards.

3-in-1 design | Solid Connection | Certificate (RoHS & EMC)

HD display effect, perfect viewing experience

The cabinet size is 610*343mm and the dimensions are 19:16 with high definition uniform display effect under static picture mode and high speed dynamic picture mode.

No optical link line | 3840 Hz | PWM IC | High gray scale level under low brightness

Full front access for more efficient application

Ease of disassembly and installation of the front unit without the need for other on-site maintenance methods

front access | There is no gathering of wires inside the safe | Saving time and effort

A self-developed and easy-to-use operating system

A self-developed control system is built in, enabling ease of use
Supports wireless screen sharing via mobile phone or computer
Support mobile device and APP operation to adjust the brightness, control and switch of the video source

Wireless Screen Sharing | remote control | Touch control panel