C27 Series

Integrated COB encapsulation with a high IP rating

Full COB treatment applied for smooth, sealed, impact resistant screen surface
It is also water, moisture and reflection resistant

High level of protection | Easy to clean | Longer operating life

Built with the latest technology for high efficiency and low energy consumption

The new common cathode screen architecture combines with energy-saving dynamic driver IC, which reduces the internal power consumption of the light-emitting chip and thus achieves high efficiency and energy saving

Common cathode energy saving | Low power consumption | High quality IC driver

High contrast display rich colors

20,000:1 high contrast ratio for great visual enjoyment

Viewing angle ≥ 170⁰ | 20000:1 High Contrast | 2K / 4K / 8K screen

Black technology to improve image quality

With hyper-bit technology that improves the display's gray scale by 16 times compared to other monitors

Image optimization technology | hyper-bit

Dual calibration technology brings true colors to life

Professional COB calibration technology is adopted to eliminate color blocks, mosaics and other faults on LED screen through self-developed algorithm to collect data from screen, ensuring consistency of display effect

Self-developed algorithm | Double calibration technique

Slim and light weight structure saves space on site

Ultra-slim unit with no bottom cover and casing
The cabinet adopts a 31mm thick die-casting magnesium die-casting body with high precision and light weight
Full front access installation and maintenance allows for space-saving assembly without the need for additional maintenance methods

Cabinet thickness 31mm | Ease of disassembly and installation of the front unit for maintenance | Quick Switch | Wall mounting